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About Web Browser VRML Plugins

VRML plugins are helper programs for your web browser that allow you to view and manipulate Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) 3D models. To find out what VRML plugins you might currently have installed, visit NIST's VRML plugin detector. If you need a VRML plugin for your browser, try one of the free one's listed below. A more complete list of VRML plugins can be accessed from the Web 3D consortium or from NIST's VRML plugin page.

Cosmo Player 2.1.1
All SynapseWeb VRML objects have been verified with Cosmo Player. In addition, Cosmo Player will display the VRML 1.0 output of IGL Trace. Silicon Graphics is no longer supporting the Windows platform, but it is still one of the better VRML plugins available for Windows. Silicon Graphics still supports the IRIX version of Cosmo Player.

Contact's VRML plugin produces quality graphics within a nice interface that includes many really advanced features such as 3D avatars. This may be one of the most advanced VRML plugins currently available but VRML 1.0 is not supported.

Cortona VRML Client
This VRML 2.0 plug-in from Parallel Graphics has nice rendering and a good interface with an excellent full screen mode. Version 3.0 did not support VRML 1.0.

For more about VRML 1.0 see the specification. The VRML 2.0 (a.k.a. VRML97) specification is available from the Web3D Consortium.

Last Updated: 4/25/02