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MergeWRL is a Windows program for merging the VRML 1.0 objects (.wrl files) generated from the 3D Surface operation in IGL Trace. MergeWRL performs batch merging of all of the .wrl files in a folder into one VRML scene with an option to change the color of each object.
MergeWRL is intended to be used only with IGL Trace output files. Acceptable performance on other types of .wrl files is doubtful. The resulting scene generated by MergeWRL is a .wrl file in VRML 1.0 format. This scene should be readable by most programs that can display VRML 1.0. It has been tested on recent versions of Cosmo Player, 3D Studio MAX, and Actify's 3D View.

Version 0.3a is available for download from this page.

Download Software (36K zip) [Last update: Sept 22, 2000]

System Requirements:

Microsoft Windows
0.1 Mb of disk space

Enhancements in version 0.3a:

About Color Capabilities:

MergeWRL allows the use of as much of the VRML 1.0 Material specification as possible, though only the diffuse color parameters can be different on individual files. To set more complicated parameters of the Material node with different values on different objects, try using MergeWRL repeatedly. For example, if only some objects are to be made transparent, first merge only these objects, setting the extra Color Parameters to "transparency 0.5". Then merge this output with the rest of the objects with transparency 0.

Last Updated: 12/21/01