Neurobiology of Synapses


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Neurobiology of Synapses

Neurobiology of Synapses Course

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Neuron vs. Reticulum

Key Advocates/Adversaries

Age of Light Microscopy by mid 19th century

1836-37 First Identified Neuron Purkinje, students, Czech

"Axis Cylinder" Milestones

1853 - Kollicker First Manual of Human Histology

1860's - Deiters Chromic acid, Potassium Bicarbonate Serial sections! or teasing out single cells

Support builds for Reticular Theory

The Revolutionary Method of Golgi Introduced in 1873

Golgi Impregnation of Hippocampal Pyramidal Cell (1979, Harris)

Golgi's Contributions

Golgi's Speculations

Neuron Theory Begins to Take Form

Santiago Ramón y Cajal

Sherrington - A physiologist's Contribution to Neuron Doctrine

Cajal intensified Golgi's Stain First paper on Bird brains 1888

Neuron Doctrine - Cajal 1889

Physiological corollaries of the Neuron doctrine

Golgi and Cajal share Nobel Prize - 1906

Cajal's Neuron Doctrine Nobel Lecture was Cajal at his best

Behind the scenes Cajal was furious with Golgi for his

Etymology of "Synapse"

Sherrington - A physiologist's Contribution to Neuron Doctrine

Electron microscopy unequivocally validates the Neuron Doctrine

All of neuroscience is at some level the study of synapses.

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