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SynapseWeb Tutorials

The following tutorials include brief descriptive essays, 3D reconstructions, light micrographs, and electron micrographs,
as well as Dr. Josef Spacek's Atlas of Ultrastructural Neurocytology and Normal and Pathological Human Brain Anatomy,
which include hundreds of labeled 3D and EM images from the rat brain and human brain.

Read: the first reference to the Synapse Structure in the CNS (Palay SL, J Biophys Biochem Cytol. 1956).

Contents: 3D Graphics VRML Models Light Micrographs Electron Micrographs
The Brain

Brain of the Rat

Hippocampus of the Rat
Area CA1
Stratum Radiatum
CA1 Pyramidal Neuron
Cell Types in S. Radiatum
Neuronal Components
Axon Segments from S. Radiatum
Models of Axon Packing
Spiny Segments from S. Radiatum
Dendritic Filopodium
Astrocyte-Synapse Relationship in S. Radiatum

Atlas of Ultrastructural Neurocytology
Hundreds of labeled EM and 3D images from human and rat brains
Chemical Synapses
Neuromuscular Junction (NMJ)
Comparative Morphology of NMJ and Spine Synapses
Neuropil of S. Radiatum
Synapses in S. Radiatum
Comparative Morphology of Spine Synapses

Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum
Spine Apparatus
Adhesion Junctions
Subsynaptic Ribosomes
Color-coded Flipbook of Neuropil
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Last Updated: 03/15/10